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Do you feel ready to transition out of your business?

the facts...

80 to 90% of business owner wealth is tied to their business

48% of Boomer Business Owners plan to transition in the next 5 years

the tough truth...

  • 99% of business owners agreed with this statement: "Having a transition strategy is important both for my future and for the future of my business."

  • About 50% have no plan at all

  • About 80% of business owners have no formal transition plan

The reality...

  • Baby Boomers own 65% of the private businesses in the U.S.

  • About 4,500,000 businesses will transition

  • Only 30% of family-owned businesses survive into the second generation

  • 80% of businesses below $50 million put on the market do not sell (Tom West)

the questions...

  • What is my Business Worth?

  • What different options do I have?

  • How can I start this process

All data above is from Exit Planning Institute unless otherwise stated.

  1. Take the Readiness Assessment >

  2. Exit/Transition Plan Development

  3. Exit/Transition Plan Implementation

The process

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