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are you ready TO Exit or


Am I ready to sell my business

When business owners think that one day they will have to or want to transition out of their business, the first thing they say is: That will be in many years and I do not need to worry about it. After some time of thinking, this is far away in the future, they start thinking: It will happen in the next couple of years, and I have a lot of questions. Your transition out of your business, regardless of your schedule, is most likely the largest and most important financial transaction of your life. It’s also a highly emotional event for you and everyone else involved. In order to start getting some answers to your questions, I want you to take a Readiness Assessment. This assessment is an essential first step on your journey. Its sole purpose is to help you better understand what you know and do not know about the transition process. Your results may show that you’re prepared for your transition, but if you’re like most Business Owners, the results might show that you have questions. ​If the results show that you have questions, that is not a bad thing. Then we start to find out what questions you need to get answered. The more of your questions that are getting answered, the more prepared you will feel. ​I call the questions you have the preparedness gap. And I am not the only one calling it that - this is a term people use in Exit/Transition Planning. The best way to document the answers to your questions is in an Exit Plan. ​By taking action and documenting a plan, you dramatically improve your position to transition out of your business.

Most business owners complete the Readiness Assessment in 10 to 15 minutes. There are no right or wrong answers. It is the first crucial step in your business transition.

It is okay to have questions!

The future is closer than you think.

Why not have a plan for transitioning your business?

Transitioning your business is work.

It takes time and a lot of work to transition your business.

Being prepared is good.

Having a plan can help alleviate some stress and headache.

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