Take the Readiness Assessment. What is my business worth. What is an Exit Plan

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Your transition out of your business, regardless of your schedule, is most likely the largest and most important financial transaction of your life. It’s also a highly emotional event for you and everyone else involved.

In order to start getting some answers to your questions, I want you to take a Readiness Assessment. This assessment is an essential first step on your journey. 

Business Value 

When you need to know the value of your business, regardless if it is for financial planning, a proposed sale, tax reasons, shareholder disagreement, or even litigation, you want to work with someone that takes the time to understand you and your business. 

Exit Plan

If you have questions about exiting out of your business, a business plan develops items that you can do to

  • enhance the value of your business

  • increase the chances of a successful sale

  • minimize risk

  • ensure that current employees are continuing with the business

  • make sure that you customers will continue to be taken care of

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